Rabbit island by kayak – Video

Rabbit Island is about two kilometres off the east coast of Wilsons Prom National Park. In March 2019 a group of us spent a weekend of adventure at this idyllic part of the coast.  This is a short (4 min)
video of our trip.  At https://youtu.be/ACYIQ7SOGig

3 thoughts on “Rabbit island by kayak – Video”

  1. Epic. Thanks for sharing. Is it unpowered boats only? Also can you camp on any of those islands? Would love to camp on some of those.


  2. Thanks Ryan. Yes it is a nice part of the coast. Power boats shouldn’t be a problem. The area is frequented by people in their boats fishing, mostly launched from Port Welshpool. Not sure about camping, given its part of the Wilsons Prom National Park. Cheers.


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