Cape Liptrap Paddle

On Saturday 22 November 2014 four of us launched at Walkerville South (Sth Gippsland, Victoria) for a day paddle to Cape Liptrap and return. The forecast was good with light winds and a top of 31 C.

Walkerville South has some interesting history.  There are relics of the lime industry (early 1900’s) including ruins of kilns in the cliffs.

Not having paddled in this area I was to discover that there were lots of natural features along the coast including rock platforms, pinnacles, steep cliffs and sea caves. Much of it is protected in the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park.

Cape Liptrap copy

Map showing our paddling route from Walkerville South to Cape Liptrap.  Total 26 klms return. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-1

Me, Nathan, Ken and Steve.  Ready to go. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-2

Steve paddling through a channel at high tide under Bird Rock -only a short distance from Walkerville South. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-3

More cave like entrances further along the coast. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-4

The water was clear at the Cape- a good opportunity to see whats below.  Ken watching Nathan as he checks out the under water scenery (through a pair of goggles).

Cape Liptrap-5

Ken’s turn.

Cape Liptrap-6

Time to come up for air. No seals yet but promising habitat.

Cape Liptrap-7

Rocky outcrops off Cape Liptrap.  There must be seals around here somewhere? Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-8

Seals sighted ahead. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-9

Views of the Cape and lighthouse.  The lighthouse was established at Cape Liptrap in 1913 to improve the safety of coastal shipping. The light is still in operation and has a range of 18 nautical miles (over 34 kilometres). Time to turn around for our paddle back. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-10

On the way back we stopped for a cuppa at an old boat wreck. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-11

Time for some fun.  Steve checking out a wave forming as the seafloor gets shallower by a rock shelf. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-12

Nathan having  a ride. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-13

Nathan feeling adventurous again. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-14

An idyllic setting. Wilsons Promontory National Park across the Bay in the background. Click to enlarge.

Cape Liptrap-15

After we had our play it was time to paddle back to the cars. Click to enlarge.

This is a very scenic piece of Victoria’s coastline.  A fantastic day had by all.

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