Waratah Bay – Kayaking in the Waves

A few pic’s of Terry and me trying to get out past the breakers during a club day paddle at Waratah Bay (Gippsland Coast), in June.  As the tide went out the waves got steeper.  It was all a matter of timing. Sometimes we misjudged, as you can see by the images below.   It was all good fun.  Thanks to Bronwyn for the photography.

Waratah Bay 2015-1
Heading out into the surf. Me at left. Terry on the right.
Waratah Bay 2015-2
Oops! Paddle hard – we might make it.
Waratah Bay 2015-3
Nope, too late. Take a breath.
Waratah Bay 2015-4
Now its taking us backwards. No chance of steering out of this.
Waratah Bay 2015-5
I’m going over.
Waratah Bay 2015-6
Me pointing skywards.  Terry eventually rolled back upright. I bailed out.

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